Digital Artist

rockofsouls_1500-800x410lake_village450 kingdomofclouds_450 jungle_450 goldenwhale_450undermilkyway700thestorm450

Above is work from digital artist, Roberto Nieto. Roberto lives in Barcelona, Spain. His main job is designing interfaces, mobile and web apps. He loves organizing interfaces and helping people with issues they may have because it’s like solving a big puzzle.The art above is his true passion and hobby. His passion is to illustrate nature an to emphasize it’s majesty. He has taken many workshops and puts the theory of light and color into practice as well as fantasy illustration techniques. He feels that in art, the most important thing is daily practice. He uses Wacom tablet and Photoshop.

I chose artist, Roberto Nieto because I was in awe of his work. The beauty and majesty of his fantastical illustrations really stood out to me. He uses the design of natural environments for the basis of his creations. 

His website is


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