Self Portrait

To me, a self portrait is how you see yourself. It is now how you look to others on the outside, but how your heart looks. Self portrait has everything to do with your nature and personality. Your self portrait can show your goals and dreams as well.  I want my self portrait to be as if I were blind. How would I picture myself if I was unable to see my outward appearance?

I will be collaging things of my likeness and morphing as well as using surrealism.



Image Gallery



For this project I focused on transportation methods such as flight and water and showed them in almost impossible situations in today’s technology.  I also manipulated things.


Surreal Landscape


This is the surreal landscape I created with photos I took. It combines this outside volleyball scene on Kent campus with things from other places I visited as well as on classroom element and one home element. I first chose the background then opened additional photos. I quick selected or lassoed those and refined the edges. I also used the burn tool to darken them. I manipulated shadows to make it more surreal.

I think this needs some work. The refine edge tool I applied did not remain how I set it. Overall, I would like to redo this. I wold choose a background that is better suited for more objects in the far background.