Propaganda Poster

Disney Villain Propaganda Poster. I wanted to show that Disney makes their villains and heroes in certain styles. The hero is most always young and beautiful, normal wight to the thin side for women. The male heroes are always masculine and in shape. The villains however are drawn to look mean. They are heavy, anorexic, not caucasian and many cats are portrayed as evil. The question I want to ask the audience is “Will the viewers watching Disney aka. kids, associate those things with someone evil?” Will they see an old woman and think she is bad because she looks like a Disney villain? Searching for Disney Villains really strengthened the stereotype for me.

My propaganda poster is directed towards young adults who will have kids some day. I wanted to tell the fact that these movies are for children. I thought about having the words “For Kids”. Initially I thought my poster would only focus on racism. Then I decided that I could group together a few stereotypes. I wanted to make my poster simple and more effective by having a limited color palette but I didn’t want to take away from the darkness of some characters because that made my point about racism. For example, how Scar has dark features as opposed to the lion Mufasa.



The World’s Largest Underwater Sculpture Is Also An Artificial Reef


Repeating Islands


This article by Claire Voon appeared in Forbes.

Resting on the ocean floor, towering nearly 17-feet-tall, kneels a young Bahamian girl supporting the ceiling of the water on her shoulders. “Ocean Atlas” is the most recent work by underwater sculpture artist Jason deCaires Taylor, installed earlier this month off the western coastline of New Providence in Nassau, Bahamas. The work alludes to Atlas, the Titan of Greek mythology whose eternal punishment of holding the world on his back has inspired artistic renditions for centuries. Created with a high-density, pH-neutral marine cement engineered to last for hundreds of years, “Ocean Atlas” also serves as an artificial reef to foster local marine life.

Weighing 60 tons, “Ocean Atlas” is the largest single sculpture to reside underwater, according to Taylor. A local student named Camilla served as the model for the colossal girl, who gazes serenely at her surroundings, her head resting sideways…

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Propaganda Project Proposal

Is Disney stereotypical?  Why are all the moms dead? How are women portrayed? How are men portrayed? Why are all the princes so buff and why are all the princesses society’s ideal beauty? As an Art Education major I wonder what effect this has on children. Gender and race is portrayed very stereotypically. Villains such as Ursula are scary looking and overweight. Parents are divorced and most mothers deceased. Step-mothers are shown as cruel and evil. Many women are shown waiting for a man to save them. Snow White is only 14 and shown as a cleaner and maid for men. Ariel, the mermaid gives up her life in the sea, her family and her voice for a man. Different races are separated, for example the evil hyenas in The Lion King are Hispanic. They are not allowed to participate in the Circle of life. The evil lion is much darker than the good lion.  Also, we see ageism and body types assigned to certain roles. Are the messages in these classic movies seeping into children’s subconscious?

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IDENTITY – PROJECT 2 : Quadriptych

I had a lot of fun with this project. I used colors to represent the emotions they evoke for me psychologically. For example, muted and dull colors portray something to be boring while red and yellow evoke emotions of chaos and disorder. The inside of any McDonald’s is red and yellow because those colors influence customers to get in and get out. Those colors are known to make people feel rushed.

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