Propaganda Project Proposal

Is Disney stereotypical?  Why are all the moms dead? How are women portrayed? How are men portrayed? Why are all the princes so buff and why are all the princesses society’s ideal beauty? As an Art Education major I wonder what effect this has on children. Gender and race is portrayed very stereotypically. Villains such as Ursula are scary looking and overweight. Parents are divorced and most mothers deceased. Step-mothers are shown as cruel and evil. Many women are shown waiting for a man to save them. Snow White is only 14 and shown as a cleaner and maid for men. Ariel, the mermaid gives up her life in the sea, her family and her voice for a man. Different races are separated, for example the evil hyenas in The Lion King are Hispanic. They are not allowed to participate in the Circle of life. The evil lion is much darker than the good lion.  Also, we see ageism and body types assigned to certain roles. Are the messages in these classic movies seeping into children’s subconscious?

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