Propaganda Poster

Disney Villain Propaganda Poster. I wanted to show that Disney makes their villains and heroes in certain styles. The hero is most always young and beautiful, normal wight to the thin side for women. The male heroes are always masculine and in shape. The villains however are drawn to look mean. They are heavy, anorexic, not caucasian and many cats are portrayed as evil. The question I want to ask the audience is “Will the viewers watching Disney aka. kids, associate those things with someone evil?” Will they see an old woman and think she is bad because she looks like a Disney villain? Searching for Disney Villains really strengthened the stereotype for me.

My propaganda poster is directed towards young adults who will have kids some day. I wanted to tell the fact that these movies are for children. I thought about having the words “For Kids”. Initially I thought my poster would only focus on racism. Then I decided that I could group together a few stereotypes. I wanted to make my poster simple and more effective by having a limited color palette but I didn’t want to take away from the darkness of some characters because that made my point about racism. For example, how Scar has dark features as opposed to the lion Mufasa.



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