Human Movement Proposal

For this project I propose to combine videos I took of different scenarios of humans moving. Over the weekend I took videos at the camp I work at, movement I saw a hibachi restaurant of the chef preparing the meal, as well as other videos that I find fitting to incorporate. There are so many different things that I can do for this project. My idea is to use every day movements and illustrate how are every day movements are actually quite interesting and artistic. I will use video editing to make things interesting for example sped up slowed down etc.
I am very inspired by Nick Cave and his sound suits.
He found out that his suits make sounds once he moved and moved in them.



I am also inspired by the human body. I think that our anatomy is amazing and it does so much. I am specifically interested in the muscles and internal organs and things that are actually making sounds that we cannot hear. The sounds are going on inside of our bodies which is why we are not able to hear them but what if we could hear every movement and every operation that our body was caring on at every moment.



Above is a video of what some of our bodily functions sound like, but while watching this remember that things in our body are moving as well. Movements create the sound.


Premiere Video Assignment 5×5

This project is a narrative video. I filmed constructing a model house which was actually a castle. The 5 video clips taken were actually much longer than 5 seconds. This was difficult to cut because I did not want to cut out the video effects such as pov, zoom in, zoom out, angles and close-up shots.

Editing the first video was simple. I cut the 20 second segments into only 5 seconds each and put them together. I had to choose the right parts to keep and take out what was not needed. I made it 25 seconds long.

The second video allowed me to be more creative. For the second video I was able to separate the video and audio which worked well. I thought this added a good narrative during more of the video. I reversed a clip, sped up one, changed directions of the clip and on one I only reversed the sound. I kept it 25 seconds long by stretching the clip out that was sped up and cutting down the clip that I slowed down.

I had fun and learned a lot working on this project; learning even more about both filming and video editing.

Animated Gif

Animated gif

My aminated gif is on a work by Monet. I chose a more simple image with a  background that would easily conceal any editing. I made the scarf and dress look like it was flowing in the wind. I thought it would be cool to have the umbrella move up and down but I would be missing a chunk. The background did make it easy to clone back places that I moved.  I had trouble with tweening.  But overall I am happy with the results.