Premiere Video Assignment 5×5

This project is a narrative video. I filmed constructing a model house which was actually a castle. The 5 video clips taken were actually much longer than 5 seconds. This was difficult to cut because I did not want to cut out the video effects such as pov, zoom in, zoom out, angles and close-up shots.

Editing the first video was simple. I cut the 20 second segments into only 5 seconds each and put them together. I had to choose the right parts to keep and take out what was not needed. I made it 25 seconds long.

The second video allowed me to be more creative. For the second video I was able to separate the video and audio which worked well. I thought this added a good narrative during more of the video. I reversed a clip, sped up one, changed directions of the clip and on one I only reversed the sound. I kept it 25 seconds long by stretching the clip out that was sped up and cutting down the clip that I slowed down.

I had fun and learned a lot working on this project; learning even more about both filming and video editing.


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