In Class Video Assignment

This project was interesting because I swapped videos with a classmate. They got my videos and I had to use theirs, which was a surprise to me. This is based on the Surrealists practice used in the early 20th century called “Exquisite corpse”.  One artist starts the work and another takes it over, usually not collaborating at all during production. In this way it is interesting to see how the second artist finishes it and if it resembles what the first artist intended at all. I used the videos I was provided and created a mash-up using the sounds in the videos to go together and add interest. I wanted it to sound like the sounds flowed somehow. I used transitions and tried to begin one where the previous one stopped in a creative way.  The sounds also function as audio cues used to pace the video. I used editing effects such as speeding up, reverse and slowing down, etc. I used titles and credits as well. I wanted this video to be a ‘collage’ of sounds and the video used to illustrate. In this way, sound is the star and video is just to illustrate.


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