Postcard Finale

image image

I got my postcard back from a friend in Cincinnati. I was really surprised with her take on interacting with my postcard. I was expecting the recipient to use physical objects from nature to interact with my postcard. Instead, I got my postcard back with clips of text taped onto it. My entire postcard is covered in text except for some greenery poking through on the front. All of the text was about God and creationism. Some of the text did mention nature, “Every summer, the rich and vibrant greens of the forest canopy delight our eyes. But did you know that all the while, these leaves are hiding something they won’t reveal until fall?”. I am surprised by all the text, as a visual person I have to read everything twice to try to comprehend it. The back reads “A message to big to ignore” in all capitals. I see where she tried to tie it in with nature, with the quote, “The Image of God: Its Nature” also in all capitals. “Truth everyone can see” is also bold and in all capital letters. The text mentions animals such as dinosaurs. It also says “While our human eyes may in some ways seem inferior to the eyes of birds, we may be sure that God has given us eyes perfectly suited to our own unique needs. ” I think that so much text is a bit much. She could have used images of nature to make her point as well and not bombard the postcard with text. I said to incorporate nature and add a personal touch. I definitely see the personal touch. In a way I am actually glad that the interaction with this postcard surprised me. I would have loved to see art and nature used but this is proof that everyone thinks differently. Some people use text to express their ideas and some people use visual art, some use music, etc. The layout was artistic in the way the text was set up.


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