Human Movement: Finished Project

My finished project turned out different than what I proposed. This was because it would have been difficult for me to get video recording of the inside of human bodies. Instead, I took video of kids I work with and friends in my classes. I video taped everywhere I went, including a hibachi restaurant.

I made my video into a narrative. My narrative is about a student being distracted by the internet. She opens up her laptop in class and watches videos. The videos she watches are long and mundane and jump around. She is sucked in. It feels like minutes to her but when she realizes that she has actually been watching for hours, she wonderes where the time went. I know I can relate to this. Things on the screen kept moving and held her interest, useing  up her precious time.

For this project I started and ended with a student at her laptop. I also used the same sound in the beginning as in the end. Scenes/shots in-between are the videos she watched. I used background music from the Kent State University Orchestra. I took the audio at a recent concert with their permission. In the video of the boy playing with the soccer ball there is a popular pop song that was not royalty free so I chose to use the orchestra music instead. I added sureal effects  to the video adding interest, eerieness and adding to the narrative. I tried matching up songs and some voice where needed. I thought this video came together despite random recordings.

Here is my UPDATED version:


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