Yoko Ono MoMA show

The New York Times on Yoko Ono


Yoko Ono Faked a solo show at the Museum of Modern Art in 1971!

“Tangible evidence of that 1971 MoMA solo exists. There are photographs of Ms. Ono standing with her work in the museum’s Sculpture Garden. There are newspaper clippings of advertisements for the show, even a few reviews. But, it turns out, the “reviews” are just quotes collected from visitors. The Sculpture Garden shot is a cut-and-paste job. So is a promotional image of her seen standing outside the museum, under an awning emblazoned with its name. She holds a large shopping bag printed with the letter “F” and positions it near the “A” in Art.” -New York Times

Just this year her solo show became a reality. One of the many art pieces in her how was her book titled: Grapefruit.

“The book, probably Ms. Ono’s best known piece, had an inauspicious start. Ms. Ono compiled it from accumulated manuscripts and self-published it in the cheapest possible format. At the time, her reputation was still confined to a small circle of avant-garde artists, writers and musicians in New York and Tokyo. Even though what she was doing in the book with language and ideas was radical, work that would bring fame later to Conceptual artists like Joseph Kosuth and Lawrence Weiner, she could barely give copies away.” -New york Times



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