Chinese American Service League Art

Here in Chicago we spent a day at the Chinese American Service League. We did art with senior citizens and helped those who need any assistance. It was very relaxing and therapeutic. Master Calligrapher from China, Mr. Wong showed us how to do calligraphy and how to write our names in Chinese. The children showed us their amazing works of art and they showed us how to make origami. What a great way to experience and partake in art from another culture!

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Working Bikes Art

While here in Chicago we volunteered at Working Bikes. Here they took in donations of old bicycles and then repurposed them. Old bikes are now Art, machines, gizmos and much more. Tires are made into other things such as belts and ties. The bikes that can be salvaged are fixed up and then given to local underprivileged kids in Chicago and some are shipped to developing countries overseas.

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           Dog sculptures from Bicycle parts!     ~~~Article!437ab06501b4877eb88c8e0c0893e704

Museum Journal

During my time in Chicago for the National Art Education Association Conference I visited The Art Institute of Chicago. It is quite a spectacular museum albeit crowded the day I went. Because I didn’t have a lot of time at the museum I tried to look everywhere but had to quickly. The iconic images that I had learned about in my art history classes at Kent State jumped out to me. It was amazing to see the works that my professors were talking about in person! Georges Seurat, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte was one that I had spent time discussing in my Art History 2 class. Also, works by Monet and Paris Street; Rainy Day by artist Gustave Caillebotte stood out to me from lectures. I can’t wait to go back to this exceptional museum!


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